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We strive to provide Alternative Fuel solutions that will make a positive impact on our planet. In addition, we are driven to share our knowledge and resources with the world with the hope that together we can continue to reverse our footprint and secure a positive environment for future generations.

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Note: The information below is part of a growing list of trusted resources that we will continue to cultivate.

Please check back often to discover new additions to our growing list.

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Our friend and like-minded environmental warrior, Ed Begley Jr. produces a podcast focused on sustainable living. It's a great podcast and we are so proud to align our sustainability efforts with his.


Click below to visit his website, read his blog and listen to his podcast.

A Message from Ed Begley Jr.

Our friend Ed has graciously produced a message about our efforts within the environmental industry.

We are thankful for the work that he does and the opportunity to share his message with you.