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Updated: Sep 13, 2019

Eco Vehicle Systems (EVS) unveils nation’s only propane repowered school bus solution in NC debut. This new solution is a fraction of the full price for new buses yet delivers full emissions reduction benefits meaning cleaner air for school kids to breath

July 18th, 2019

Eco Vehicle Systems (EVS), experts in specialty vehicle modifications and up-fits, specializing in alternative fuels conversions, is pleased to partner with Agility Fuel Systems to offer the only propane repower school bus solution in North America.

School kids, being captive users of school buses, are particularly vulnerable to diesel emissions. Older, dirtier diesel burning school buses have been well documented to cause health issues for this young and vulnerable population. Improving this situation can be an expensive endeavor. But with this new repower solution, not only can the district save money but the kids get cleaner air to breath too.

Additionally, some school bus fleets are having challenges with longevity of some existing older diesel engines which happen to have lousy emissions as well. The EVS propane repower program allows schools to replace prematurely worn out diesel engines with much cleaner new propane engines on bus chassis that have 7-12 years of useful life left but no useful engine. For example, with VW grant funds in North Carolina, the cost to schools to repower a school bus with a brand-new Agility 8.0L engine can be less than $10,000. Nationally, propane is being embraced as a clean, domestic alternative fuel for schools. This repower solution is keeping with this trend.

“There are over 400 propane retailers serving all 100 counties in NC. Every school district in the state can take advantage of all the benefits that propane school buses provide.” Said John Jessup the President and CEO of the NC Propane Gas Association. “The financial benefits to school districts and the state budget will be significant as we transition fleets to this abundant clean burning American fuel.”

The national propane industry group known as the Propane Education and Resource Council or PERC said this at today’s event. “More than 950 school districts nationwide are realizing tremendous value with propane autogas school buses because they present so many advantages for students, school districts and their communities,” said Tucker Perkins, president and CEO of the Propane Education & Research Council. "We are confident that more school districts will choose propane as more transportation directors learn about the lower total cost of ownership, clean, quiet and reliable operation and the better maintenance experiences that propane buses are providing for their peers in school transportation", Tucker Perkins, CEO.

Christina Roberts with Suburban Propane, a local and national propane supplier said, “Using the Propane Repower Bus will help school districts move to lessen their carbon footprint for a lower cost to the district, which saves money that can be used inside the classrooms. “Rob Lykins, EVS President and founder, “we are thrilled to be part of the propane repower

initiative for school buses and we are proud of the high quality, cost-effective solutions we are offering. We appreciate the opportunity to kick our program off in the great state of North Carolina and I commend everyone involved for their efforts to provide cleaner transportation solutions for the school children of North Carolina.”.

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